Friday, November 22, 2019


Shopping Lists

A good whole class warm up game- 'Shopping Lists'- can theme the lists to absolutely any topic e.g. social skills- 'smile', 'making eye contact' etc or Europe- 'Gouda cheese', 'a Ferrari' etc.

  • Choose 4 volunteers to be 'shops'. Stand them on a chair in 4 corners of the room. Give then a shopping list.
  • Teacher in centre gathers rest of class around them and asks them to find different items off the master list, one item at a time.
  • The students go around the shops and ask them politely if they have the items.
  • Shopkeepers can pretend to be hard of hearing/ not understand etc, but must answer yes/ no.
  • If yes, the students keep quiet and line up in front of that shop to form a queue.
  • If no, they keep going around the shops until they find the correct one.
  • The last 1/ 2 students in the queue are out.
  • Repeat until there is a winner.

NB- this game will get quite speedy and noisy!


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